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Monday, April 17, 2006


This is a fun throw-away film when you are not in the mood for anything requiring brain power. Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton play escaped convicts who go on a bank-robbing spree throughout the West Coast. They "meet cute" with bored housewife Cate Blanchett. A romantic triangle develops while they successfully get away with robbery after robbery.

Everybody on screen seems to be having a good time without worrying about turning in an Important Cinematic Achievement. I laughed many times and I was drawn into the contrived story. It's more interesting when you learn that the film is "inspired by" two guys who really did rob banks using the methods portrayed in the film.

The special features are interesting and recommended for back story and some insight about how movies get made. Now that I think of it, this movie bears a number of comparisons to Natural Born Killers. But in a lighter, sitcom sort of style. And without all that nasty sex and murder stuff. Older kids may enjoy it, but there is plenty of swearing and a graphic gun battle with blood. The subject matter of the romantic triangle and its resolution may bother more conservative parents.


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