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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Old School

I love comedies. I have a large collection. One of my unreasonable criteria is that they have to make me laugh. Or at least stay mildly interested. Old School failed on both counts.

I did laugh once. Exactly once. At an incongruous shot of Will Ferrell about to start a rythmic gymnastic exercise. That's it.

The plot line is a jumbled collection of set pieces from forty other movies you've seen and forgotten. Comic plot points are inserted and forgotten as necessary to plod painfully to the next scene.

There is the obligatory gratuitous topless shot for titillation value (which is the VERY FIRST THING YOU SEE, proudly showcased on the initial disc menu - I see the producers figured out the most memorable highlight of their magnum opus).

I certainly enjoyed the credible concept of a 30-year old dean of a major university. Oh, what the heck. You'll probably like this if you are seriously drunk or stoned. But then again, you'd probably like watching a test pattern, so why bother?

Parents: Swearing, female toplessness, drunkenness, and a complete lack of intelligence throughout.


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