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Monday, April 17, 2006

Batman Begins

The other side of Christian Bale. Watch this with The Machinist and shake your head in disbelief. Here he is buff and studly, showing off a muscled torso. Unfortunately the film doesn't show off anything. It is long, rambling, boring, and pretentious.

Bale's Bruce Wayne goes through a training montage straight out of TV episodes of "Kung Fu" under the direction of well-known martial arts master Liam Neeson. Incidentally, Neeson was my favorite actor in the movie, despite his ridiculous role. Morgan Freeman plays the same character he always does, except someone forgot to give him voice-over narration duties for the film. Michael Caine is wasted as Alfred. Your time is wasted as a viewer. Thousands of feet of film stock were wasted to get this made. Forget it. I'm trying to.


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